February 24, 2011

I Love Me Some Moo Products!

I've heard about Moo in the past from other photographers, but was never sure how I felt about ordering business cards from them. I was glad to see they had a booth at Imaging this year and I was able to see their products in person. I absolutely fell in love with the quality of paper they use for their business cards! The matte laminate paper is amazing ~ sturdy, high quality paper with a great substance to it. I was sold! Plus there was a nice little promo in the packet I picked up to try out the Moo cards. I opted to upload 10 different images for the back of my cards with fronts that stayed the same. The one thing I must say is Moo is a little slow on shipping, but hey, if I'm on the ball then I don't need to have a rush order.

I received my cards and LOVED the photo quality, but I was slightly disappointed with the quality on the side that had printing. I figured it was user error on my end since I was in a rush to get them out and get them back. I emailed their customer service to let them know and they emailed me back within a day explaining the Moo promise. If you feel your product isn't up to par, they work with to fix the problem and replace your order! I was so excited since it was totally user error on my end not using their templates to create my piece. I didn't even expect them to reprint my cards and they were more than happy to take care of it!! I submitted new files for the text side of my card and in two weeks, I had brand new, perfectly printed business cards!!

I am beyond thrilled with the amazing customer service and beautiful product that Moo offers! I've officially found a new vendor to work with for my business card needs. I've got it on my list to also pickup some Moo stickers and mini cards in my future as well!

Use this link to purchase your Moo products today and receive 10% off your first order. There will be a code on the webpage you're directed to once you click on the link. Use the code at checkout to get the discount!!

Full Disclosure: commission on sale via my link.

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