March 26, 2010

CS5 Is Coming to a Computer Near You!

Have you heard? Adobe will be launching Creative Suite 5 on April 12th! I'm currently running CS3 and held off on upgrading to CS4, but after seeing the Demo for the new Content-Aware feature, I'll be for sure upgrading. If you've missed the demo, you can check out the first YouTube clip I saw

Here's another video from the 20th Anniversary event that also shows the Content Aware Fill.

So what's the launch? Well, Adobe will be introducing the new CS to the world but it won't be on sale till possibly Fall of 2010, which in keeping with the release of CS4 that would be exactly two years since it hit the market. Adobe typically has a 18-24 month release cycle on new versions.

I'm looking forward to seeing more sneak peeks of that CS5 has to offer over the next few months. And you can bet I'll be saving my pennies up for this release for sure!

UPDATE: Scratch that Fall 2010 release date. Adobe is doing pre-orders now and will ship mid to late May!!

March 22, 2010

A Good Read

I was just catching up on emails and read a great a great feature in John Mireles' latest e-newsletter. Stop Complaining, Embrace Change! John takes the info from the book Who Moved My Cheese and compared it to all the changes going on in the photography world. If you have a few minutes, stop over and read it. It's a good refresher for us to continue to evolve and move forward with our businesses!