September 10, 2007

How To Use the Templates

This is a basic tutorial for the templates. I will be leaving this information posted for those of you that have purchased my templates in the past. If you have any questions about using the templates, contact me at neilcreative @ aol dot com (no spaces).

This is a very brief "How To". My templates are based on image masks, so if you know how to use image masks you're set. If not, they're not hard to learn.
There are a few screen captures below as a rough idea of how to use these.
  1. The first layer of my files are filled with white, delete this layer, it's to reduce file size for emailing purposes.
  2. Drag or paste your photo into a new layer in the template.

  3. Drag your photo to the layer below the layer named image mask.
  4. Drag the image mask onto your image.
  5. Delete the layer named image mask - once the image mask is placed on your photo you don't need the layer.
  6. To adjust the size of your photo without adjusting the mask - turn off the "lock" between your photo and the image mask.

There are a few screen captures below as a rough idea of how to use these.

September 09, 2007

*Template Copyright Info – Please Read!

For those that have purchased my templates in the past I'm going to leave this reminder of copyright notice up. Just because the store is closed does not mean copyright rules are no longer in effect!

© by Neil Creative / Danielle Neil and may not be copied. These templates are for limited commercial and personal use. Limited commercial use is when a photographer uses them to sell cards to their clients. Templates are not to be resold or used for other purposes. Elements within the template (such as graphics) are not to be taken from the template to be used in other forms. Graphics and designs © Mujka Illustration or © Neil Creative.

These templates are original works and are therefor subject to copyright. You may not take a template and claim it as your own. You may not take a template and sell it to other photographers and graphic designers. You may sell these templates in coordination with your own images to your clients. By using my templates you are agreeing to these terms and conditions which are subject to change without notice. Violating these terms and conditions will result in punishment to the maximum extent of copyright law.