March 12, 2011

Finding Vendor Deals

I'm all about a good deal and I've found some great ways to get them, especially on canvas products. I posted in December that Picture It On Canvas (PIOC) was having a Groupon special for a 16x20 canvas for only $39. Since then, I've seen quite a few Groupons for PIOC and also Canvas On Demand. While it's taken a bit of work to find, it has helped to search Twitter vs. all the various Groupon city pages to find those deals. Sometimes the canvas deals are one day only, other times they last a few days on the Groupon site. You can purchase the deal that day and then it has to be used within a certain amount of time. I believe most of mine were 4-6 months after the purchase date, so I stocked up.

I recently did a display at my local Starbucks and the deals I collected were quickly put to use to save some money on my displays. I do want to make note that the canvas products offered for these Groupons are from the consumer sides of these companies, not the professional. For displays, this didn't bother me in the least.

I've also stumbled upon Ebates, if you shop Groupon through their site you can get an additional 3% back on what you've spent on Groupon. So on top of the Groupon savings, I'm getting an additional savings from the money I spend to purchase them. If you're planning on putting up a photographic display in a doctor's office, retail boutique, coffee shop, etc. I suggest going this route to save some money and definitely get more bang for your buck!

Full Disclosure: referral credits earned for Ebates and Groupons though my link.