January 16, 2009

Biz Books - Keep Track of All Your Business Accounting

Biz Books is available from TK Business & Design. It has been one of my best purchases by far. I went from a messy train wreck of paper work to a very organized accounting system. Tennille (TK) has come up with everything in this detailed reporting for your business. Biz Books is a spreadsheet that you can use in Excel, OpenOffice and NeoOffice (OpenOffice and NeoOffice are both free software programs if you don't own Excel). Tennille has included areas for all of your income and expenses and has an awsome Profit/Loss statement that calculates all your info.

I think Biz Books is a great investment and I'm not sure how I functioned without it. I just saw on the TK blog that there is currently a sale going on along with some price drops. Here's the link to the blog post to check out what deals you can get!! http://www.tkbusiness.com/blogsite

January 14, 2009


Here's a share some helpful resources for fonts. "Free" fonts can be bad news. A lot of the "free" fonts are actually ripped off from a real font. That means the original artist is losing money when you download a free font. As Photographers we want people to respect copyrights on our phtoography, please remember that when buying or sharing fonts ... they come from artists too!!

A lot of the fonts I used on my templates were available from Font Garden. These are fun handwritten fonts at an unbelievable price! Be sure to check them out! Plus if you're looking to get your own handwriting turned into a font, this is the place to check out!

I used fonts from LetterHead Fonts and Font Diner for many of my logos. Not as inexpensive as Font Garden, but a lot of unique choices. There are tons of places out there to buy fonts, I wanted to share my 3 favorites.

Can't figure out what font someone else is using? Be sure to try out Identifont it's a great resource when you just aren't sure where the font came from. Once you find your font or a similar one, it will give you a listing of where to buy the font from.

Full Disclosure: commission on Font Garden Fonts sold via link.

January 12, 2009

Still Looking for Templates?

I've listed a few fellow designers that also do template and/or logo design. I'm still receiving a lot of hits on this site from photographers looking for templates and I want to let you know who I know of. If you have someone to add to this list, please leave it in the comment section for others looking!

Please note - I have not used any of these designers myself since I am a designer too. So I can't say who has fabulous products and who doesn't - just some links to help you in your search!

My Lil Creations
Uniquely You Designs
Jamie Schultz Designs
Designs By Taz
Eva Talley Creative
Danella Miller
My Doodlebug Designs
Lovebugs Photography Designs