December 31, 2008

Ring In the New Year!

The template store is now closed. Thank you to all my loyal customers!

Be sure to check back often - I'll be doing photography product reviews, keeping everyone updated on hits and misses of my business and hopefully finding vendors to offer discounts on cool photography items!!

Have a fantastic 2009!


December 10, 2008


I'm a HUGE fan of NAPP — the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I joined NAPP back in 2004 after attending two of NAPP's Photoshop Seminars. I've been with them ever since! The benefits are well worth the minimal $99 a year cost! You get Photoshop User magazine, a members only online community, discounts on tons of equipment, software and training, access to an online portfolio and even Photoshop tech support!!

Whether you're a designer or a photographer NAPP is a great choice! I know where to go when I have a Photoshop question and need an answer quickly. So if you've thought about joining, you definitely need to. If you've never heard of NAPP be sure to check them out!

Click on this link or the image below to find out what all you can get by joining NAPP. And if you use my link you'll get a sign-up bonus with your membership - a free copy of The Best of Photoshop User: The Tenth Year DVD!!

Where everyone learns Photoshop - National Association of Photoshop Professionals

November 06, 2008

ProPhoto Blog Theme

If you're a photographer and you blog you MUST take a look at the Professional Photographer Theme Blog Template! I just purchased it last month for my photography blog and love it! If you've seen other blogs that have the beautiful 900 x 600 pixel images - this is more than likely where they got it!

It's super easy to use and Jared has included a ton of FAQs and Tutorials for those that choose the Do-It-Yourself Package (which I did). The ProPhoto Theme works with a WordPress blog and you can use your own domain name. I had no problem getting my fancy new blog up and running in about a day with the tutorials. Best part is the theme is customizable - change the colors, background, you name it - plus you can have a Flash header slideshow without spending a ton!

Be sure to check it out if you're in the market for a fancy new blog and not spending the big bucks. Plus Jared gave me a coupon code to share with everyone! Just use DANNE232B at checkout for an extra $10 off your new ProPhoto Theme purchase!

Full Disclosure: commission on ProPhoto Themes sold via coupon code.

October 15, 2008

The What to Wear Guide

As I'm slowly starting my photography business I've been buying a lot from other vendors. I've decided to start sharing a few of my favorite things with you guys. I won't be doing any negative product review, I want to keep everything positive!

My first favorite thing is the What to Wear Guide from Joyce Smith. JSO in photography I had a tiny blurb for my clients on what to wear, but it was pretty bland, boring and basic. I've certainly been able to jazzy it up with Joyce's guide. You can use the guide as a PDF for your clients (I've got it uploaded on the backend of my website for client downloads) or you can print out as a 5x5 trifold for children/family sessions and 5x5 flat cards for newborn and maternity sessions.

The What to Wear Guide comes as layered PSD files, so as long as you can work in Photoshop or PS Elements, you're set! Joyce includes text AND images for your use. You can leave the guide as is or customize it to fit your needs. Be sure to stop over to Joyce's site and check out the goods. I hope you're as impressed as I am!

October 01, 2008

With all the legalities of using stock music, Stock20 is the perfect resource for photographers. creates high quality music for media production. As most photographers know, it's illegal to copy someone's music and have it on your website, blog, slideshows, etc. offers a huge selection of royalty free music for your production needs. If you create an account with the link below, they'll even give you one free song just for checking them out! Plus I'll get a referal credit too!

Check them out today!

Full Disclosure: free samples earned if new users sign up via my link.

September 27, 2008

Something I think ALL photographers should know about!

Action is needed from as many people as possible to prevent our current copyright law/protection from becoming worthless. Please help prevent the single most damaging bill for artists of every venue - but especially visual artists like graphic designers and photographers! A bill, dubbed "Orphan Works," legislation was hotlined through the Senate this week while all eyes were on the financial issues.

The "Orphan Works" bill, as passed in the Senate yesterday, would rob thousands of people of their copyright protection, and allow any outside person/corporation to TAKE OUR WORK and use it, with NO COMPENSATION to the original artist, as long as they claim they "couldn't find" the copyright-holder. That is a simple matter of removing our name from a file, then the work can be dubbed "orphaned" and used WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION for ANYTHING they want to use it for! This bill would also force us to "register" EVERY SINGLE PIECE of our work with private registries, which could cost thousands of dollars for photographers and graphic artists, as we produce literally thousands of works each year! (Think about how many pictures a professional photographer takes in just ONE WEEK or how many graphics can be produced in ONE DAY!)

PLEASE pass this along to everyone you can - this is extremely critical, as this bill will deprive artists, photographers, etc. of the income they depend on!

The Senate has just passed their version of the Orphan Works Bill (on Sept. 26th). Now we must try to stop the House Judiciary Committee from folding their bill and adopting the Senate version. Here is a link to a special letter for this purpose.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help!

June 30, 2008


Check out the interview I did with Natalie over at Senior Solutions. And be sure to comment on it on her site for the chance to win one of my templates!! But get over there before Sunday July 6th, that's when she'll be doing the drawing.

May 29, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

I'm a huge follower of Scarlett Lillian's blog and work. She posted this on her blog today and it's amazing. I just wanted to share. Be prepared ... get your Kleenex out, you'll need it.

March 11, 2008

The Sweet Spot!

I wanted to share new photo forum with you. Vicki and Bethany invited me over to their site today and you should check it out too! The new forum is at