February 17, 2011

Framing from Hardwood Frames

Let me start this post by saying framing scares me. I don't offer custom framing to my clients because, I'm going to be honest, when it comes to putting stuff together with my hands, I'll screw it up. With that said, I just received a great opportunity to put a large display up in a coffee shop. While I would love to put up all canvas pieces, I knew I had to showcase some prints as well. I searched and searched through all the framing companies I could find and the best option I found was to have a lab print them, ship them to the framing company and then ship to me. I needed to get the display done asap and didn't want to mess around with all the waiting. Then I remembered hearing about Hardwood Frames.

Hardwood Frames is a new division of CPQ Professional Imaging. Hardwood offers frames in three different price points: promotional, designer and whimsical. Most of their frames come with open backs and clips to hold your image in place. That sounded MUCH easier than attempting to do more traditional framing. I ordered 4 frames and they arrived in about a week. They were so easy to use that I ordered another 6 frames last week. So far I've tried both the promotional and designer frames and they're all great. I have in the past ordered the whimsical frames from CPQ and those were great as well. Currently, I don't believe that any of their frames come with glass or backings, but that may change. The frames without glass were perfect for what I needed for my display!

If you're in search of a framing company, I really like the options with Hardwood Frames. You'll need to contact them to setup an account to access pricing. Before I ordered I had a few questions and Sharon was more than happy to help me out both by phone an email.

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