February 23, 2009

Love Lovebugs

I figured a good follow-up to the PhotoCart post would be one about Heather from Lovebugs Photography Designs I found Heather on one of the forums I'm on. She's always had great info on more of the technical stuff some of us stumble with. When I purchased my PhotoCart, I hired Heather to help make it pretty and give me a jump start on getting my pricing up and running.

Heather can pimp your PhotoCart, pretty up your wordpress blog or dress up your splash page! Heather was great to work with - and she had a quick turnaround on getting my PhotoCart all fixed up for me when I just didn't have time to figure it out! I'm not the only one that loves Heather's services, I've seen a lot of positive comments about her on the forums from others who have needed her techinal help. Be sure to check her out if you need help dolling up some of your website add-ons!

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