March 07, 2012

Updates & Random Notes

I've been such a bad blogger! I was slammed with portrait sessions in the fall, then the holidays, then working on new marketing pieces. I just realized how long it has been since my last post!

I recently attended another After Dark Education experience in Dallas, Texas. It was, amazing. The mentors are so great and extremely accessible during the event. I highly suggest the AD to photographers of any level. I will say, it's pretty much information overload with 3 days, 12 or more hours a day and the chance to touch on pretty much all types and aspects of photography.

I spent the beginning of January working on updating my website and blog. About this time last year I had ditched the Flash site and went with a Photocrati theme for my wordpress site. Wanting to spice up my site a little more, I decided to take a look at the themes on With so many templates to choose from, I carefully read reviews and comments by users. I ended up selecting a theme who's author ran a support forum. While it took me a little longer than I was planning, I love the look of my new site. And since I was updating, I took a look at the newest version of the ProPhoto blog theme. The new features are fantastic, so I caved (again) and upgraded (again). If you're looking at the ProPhoto theme and are purchasing for the first time, use the code DANNE232B for a $10 discount.

I've made some new purchases recently and as I try out these new products, I'll be sure to post reviews!

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